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The Sirius FireWeb

The Sirius FireWeb is a flexible, web-based desktop app which integrates enterprise applications into a single user experience, enabling users to create a personalized view of the organization

Traditional intranet solutions often, after an initial period of euphoria, quickly sink into oblivion. The information seldom changes. The subsequent usage frequency then starts to decline because of this. After some time a classical intranet looks like an ancient ruin – outdated information, no visitors, and no acceptance – zero ROI. So how do we solve this? Enter the Sirius Enterprise Portal.

The Sirius Fire Web is a flexible, web-based intranet that uses several mini applications in multiple modules and integrates multiple aspects of your enterprise applications into a single user experience. It enables users to create personalized views of their organization making it the perfect starting point for your growing intranet needs.

An easy to understand and consistent user interface is just the beginning of what makes the Sirius FireWeb the perfect solution for your organization. Users get all information they need quickly. It builds the content from small independent pieces of information and can include content and data from a wide-variety of sources that include such things as your enterprise applications through ODBC, your latest HR policies, quality assurance manuals, etc.. Information from existing disparate data sources can easily be integrated into the base portal system through additional custom-built solutions.

This dynamic freshness permanently attracts the users and assures that the productivity gains, from both better-informed users and the usage of the intranet for collaboration. This, in turn, leads to a quick and everlasting ROI.