E-Learning Just Doesn’t Happen

It requires careful planning and implementation

Corporate America is using distance learning, both internally and externally, for all aspects of training in an effort to retain an estimated 50 million American workers. Research shows that major corporations are saving millions of dollars each year by using computer-based training to train their employees than using traditional conventional methods. See the chart below.
Sirius Innovations provides expertise, guidance, and support to companies, organizations, educational institutions and government agencies in developing online distance learning systems and courseware. We are able to provide comprehensive multidisciplinary e-learning services ranging from conceptual design, LMS research, design and implementation, and courseware design. Our technical and design team works closely to meet your specific needs and requirements.
Our distance learning solutions are built using various multimedia tools and cutting-edge technologies that capture their audience and make the learning experience more exciting. Custom programs can be blended with your traditional classroom instruction or can be used in a completely self-paced learning environment via the Internet, interactive CD-ROMs or video. Our technical staff works with you to ensure that our custom applications are SCORM compliant if required.