Application Development

Departments and Organizations that are moving mission-critical functions to the Internet are often faced with a choice between using an off-the-shelf software package or a custom developed web application. While integration of off-the-shelf business applications such as sales automation, customer relationship management, and accounting greatly reduce cost and time-to-market, it often requires a change to your existing processes. In addition, organizations often need to build solutions that can grow and adapt to their unique needs. This can often not be accomplished with an off-the-shelf solution.

Our in-house development team has extensive experience in building web applications that are tailored to an organization’s unique business needs and processes. Our expertise in Internet infrastructure, server configuration and installation and security planning provides solutions that meet your business needs today and are scalable for the future. Our approach to custom application development offers the following additional benefits:

By outsourcing custom application development, you can redirect internal IT resources to other projects.

Because custom applications are built around open standards they form a base for future architectural and functional enhancements.

Through outsourcing, you can tailor the level of expertise you need, when you need it, without paying full-time salaries and benefits.

By utilizing our technical expertise in server configuration and networking you’re assured of a solution that’s appropriate for your online business objectives.