About Sirius Innovations

Sirius Innovations is the Local Government, Healthcare, Public Safety and Education Industry leader of innovations and technology solutions that work. Specializing in industries where the workforce does not spend all day sitting at a desk in front of a computer, Sirius innovations solves and provides the solutions necessary to improve employee workflow and productivity.

The very nature and speed of change in these industries demands Solutions Consultants who are agile, creative and aligned with the way you need to do work. We deliver measurable value from a full range of innovative, industrialized technology consulting solutions. These critical solutions address an organizations most urgent technology challenges.

Proven Solutions

Depending on your goals, our solutions can, for example, substantially increase operational efficiency, boost productivity from your employees, enable managers to easily create content, collaborate and communicate across teams, steward competencies with learning tools, create new competitive advantages for your products and services, or create rich reporting and management tools, such as dashboard or monitoring systems.

Our data management solutions drill down to the most important data you need – even if it is contained in multiple databases or systems. Then, we help you weave that data into useable information and actionable knowledge.

Our Philosophy

You can expect uncompromising customer service and a “whatever it takes” approach to successfully implement your solutions. The staff at Sirius Innovations has an unbridled passion for combining its expertise in business solutions consulting, portal strategy and rich internet applications development into successful solutions for our clients. Our team strives for the unanticipated “Wow!” that comes from a job well done.

We encourage you to contact Sirius Innovations today for an innovative, fresh perspective to help solve your most complex problems.

Sirius Innovations has years of experience helping clients use their IT investments to drive innovation, productivity and growth to achieve higher performance. We can help you too.

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